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Waxing Services

Eyebrows: $10
Upper Lip: $7
Lower Lip: $3
Chin: $10
ELC Combo: $30

Sideburns: $15
Nose: $10
Whole face: $35up

Under Arms: $25up
Lower Arms: $30
Full Arms: $50

Fingers & Toes: $15
Lower Legs: $35up
Full Legs: $60up

Stomach: $20up
Back: $40up
Chest: $35up

Bikini: $35up                                                                                            Brazilian: $55up


Eyebrows: $15

Upper Lip: $10

Chin: $25up

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are an exciting new way to extend the length and thickness of your eyelashes.  They are applied on as: 

hair-by-hair basis :   Full Set: $150                                                             Maintenance Refill: $50up


set-by-set basis:   Full Set: $35
                           Maintenance Refill: $15              


a strip basis:        Application: $15
                          Must bring your favorite strip


 Our hair by hair method is adhere individually onto your to own eyelashes for a completely natural look.  The set by set method contain a set of 5-10 lashes individually adhere to your natural lashes.  This method creates a thicker look but is very cost efficient.  For the strip basis, you must bring your favorite lashes and we can adhere it for you with our durable and hypoallergenic glue.